8 Tips for Decreasing Your Home’s Carbon Footprint

May 4, 2021

Reducing your home’s carbon footprint doesn’t have to be complicated, costly or even time consuming! The following small steps can make a big difference, helping you not only save the planet, but also some $$ in your bank account.

1. Recycle

If you’re still not recycling, but looking to seriously decrease your home’s carbon footprint, this is step number one. Start by creating different bins to separate your trash into categories- organic, paper, plastic and glass. If you’re willing to take your recycling even one step further- turn your organic kitchen scraps into a compost.

Need a recycling incentive? Try things like bringing empty bottles to your local beer distributor for a discount on your next purchase.

2. Reuse & Repurpose

Channel your inner creative spirit. Before throwing anything away, ask yourself- ‘can I reuse this or make use of it in a different way?” Instead of jumping to replace worn or broken items, first think of ways to fix or repair them. Donate or trade things like clothes and party decorations with friends and family to minimize waste and cost.

3. Make Changes to your Diet

Did you know that consuming less meat (particularly beef) and dairy products can greatly reduce your carbon footprint?! The science behind it? Methane is emitted in large quantities by cows. Methane happens to be an air pollutant. More demand for beef burgers = more production of methane. More methane, more damage to the environment.

Can’t bear the thought of giving up your weekly juicy flank steak? Don’t worry, there are steps you can take in changing your diet that can help. For example, avoiding highly processed foods and buying local produce when it’s in season.

4. Get Gardening

Take steps to make your home greener, literally. Grow houseplants to improve air quality. Start a patio herb garden or take it one step further and grow your own fruits and vegetables. Think of all the plastic packaging (not to mention $$) you can save.

5. Switch on the Tap

Today, bottled water is everywhere, from offices to airplanes, contributing to over 1.5 million tons of trash in our landfills. In your home, rethink your drink choice and instead of dropping dough on the pricey packaged stuff, turn on the tap. Also, invest in a reusable bottle for on-the-go use. Can’t stand the taste of your tap water? Install a home water filtration system or simply buy a purifying pitcher to improve the taste and quality of water from your home’s faucet.

Switching from bottled to tap water may just be one of the easiest ways out there to decrease your home’s carbon footprint.

6. Reduce your Home’s Paper Consumption

Instead of receiving snail mail bank notices, ask for an online reminders. Scan and convert important documents to a digital form. Instead of scribbling down your grocery list on Post-its, write it in your phone notes. Download a to-do list app. It’s time to go paperless.

7. Shorten Shower-time

Shortening your showers will not only help save the planet, but will also help you save time and MONEY! Have kids in the house? Turn on a timer to give a 5 minute warning. Encourage those in your home to turn off the running water between shower tasks (like shaving), or even take certain activities (like brushing teeth) outside of the shower.

8. Monitor Power Usage

There are a ton of tiny and budget-friendly steps you can take to reduce your home’s energy consumption. For starters, wash your clothes in cold water. Turn off the lights when you leave a room and switch to energy efficient fluorescent bulbs. Unplug electronic appliances when not in use and turn off the heat or AC before leaving your home for the day.

For more tips like these, contact me today!

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